Business planning

Most common drawbacks when trying to realize a big project: 
  • Problems occurred by the false management of a project
  • Financial drains
  • Missing the deadlines
  • Time consuming in dealing with bureaucratic formalities
  • Weakness to find problem solutions during the materialization of the project more...


Investment plans

    Lotus Business Consulting  S.A. supports effectively your enterprise, in taking advantage of national and European programs through  integrated solutions more...


Communication and promotion

The competitive advantage of a product or service is to be highly recognizable by consumers.
Lotus Business Consulting S.A. with highly qualified work experts in Science and Technology      more...

Do you need funding?

If you want to start or expand your business in the agrifood sector in Greece, Lotus Business Consulting will help you find the funding resources you need in order to succeed. 
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Project Mangement

Lotus Business Consulting  S.A. provides  integrated solutions andensures the success of your  investment project   more...